Deckstar Deluxe disco entertainment for young adults and milestone birthdays (16th, 18th, 21st)

Sweet 16 and 18th / 21st Parties by Deckstar Deluxe

Deckstar Deluxe is a professional mobile disco and entertainment provider offering a wide range of musical genres presented by a club-trained DJ.

Many parties for the young adult age groups tend to comprise of a group of relatives of all ages plus a large contingent of friends & colleagues in the host's age group.

To this end your DJ needs to be highly flexible and capable of hopping between the ages and genres to ensure everyone has a great night out. We can dish up all the party favourites early, moving into a Club or Indie set later in the evening.

For the Younger Guests

Many parties for this age group have a number of younger siblings and family members present, so our impressive range of chart pop and R&B usually keeps these guys happy, plus of course a quick Cha Cha Slide!

For the Older Guests

Our music library goes back to the 1950s and so we're geared up for Dad's Queen requests, Mum's Abba, Uncle John's Elvis and pretty much anything else that comes our way! Our DJs frequently play at mixed-age events and are experts at "reading the floor" to work out what to play and when to play it.

For The Birthday Boy / GirlLearn about Deckstar Deluxe's Mobile Nightclub disco option

We tailor our music choices to the host's favourite styles and artists (wherever practical!) and we're very flexible with requests both before and during the party.

For a real treat, why not book our stunning mobile nightclub?